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NSQAC: The First Specialised Software Quality Centre in Jordan to Offer Source Code Quality Analysis Services

The National Software Quality Assurance Centre (NSQAC) is the first specialised software quality Centre in Jordan to offer Source Code Quality Analysis services, and it is the exclusive partner for CAST Software.

In 2021, NSQAC has successfully implemented several Software Source Code Quality Inspection projects with multiple strategic clients in Jordan. These projects represented a unique achievement in Jordan and the region in the field of software source code analysis where the quality of source programs is ensured across all software development teams through the establishment of a quality gate based on internationally recognized standards. These projects helped our clients assess and improve the quality of the code in the areas of robustness, efficiency, security, changeability and transferability in addition to reach an acceptable level for these health measures.

For more details on software source code analysis using CAST Software, please contact us at, or (+962) 6 534 4701 / Ext: 2556, 2453, 2552


About NSQAC: 
The National Software Quality Assurance Centre (NSQAC) is an independent, third-party provider of consultancy and software testing services in partnership with market-leaders and advocates for robust software testing practices in Jordan and the region. It provides services for the public and private sectors based on best practices, raising quality and reducing development costs. It is also an accredited training provider and testing centre for EC-Council, and the exclusive training provider for International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certifications in Jordan through the Jordanian Software Testing Qualifications Board (JOSTQB).

About CAST:
CAST was founded more than 25 years ago to make the invisible visible. Built around the idea that while software is taking over the world its inner workings remain obscure. It’s becoming the most difficult ‘thing’ to transform and one of the biggest perils.

CAST provides software intelligence that is essential for digital transformation. Today, CAST leads the Software Intelligence category, achieving for software what the MRI has done for healthcare – unprecedented visibility – to help tame the complexity of the critical software underpinning our lives, societies, and businesses.

CAST technology enables digital leaders to accelerate modernization for cloud, raise the speed and efficiency of Software Engineering, control open source risks better, and make critical decisions based on accurate software assessments.